10PJJ after Marcelo

eddie-bravo-highWhenever people find out that I am exclusively a No Gi guy,
they ask my opinion of Eddie Bravo.

The conversation will inadvertently
move to the advantages and limitations of the “lockdown,”
whether Gi is useful for MMA,
and if weed can really make one’s BJJ better.

I don’t do the lockdown any more,
I don’t believe the Gi is the best use of training time for MMA,
and I have no idea about the pot.

I love so much of what Eddie Bravo does and what 10th Planet JJ stands for.
Eddie’s integration of any BJJ into his system,
naming of techniques,
his comparison between Gi / No Gi and Judo / Greco,
his persona,
his sprawling BJJ empire,
his musical aspirations,
his fight commentary…
but I’m no Eddie Bravo.
Let me explain.

When I come across martial art that beats my own,
at the minimum,
I at least stop doing what got me beat.
At the maximum,
I may stop what I’m doing altogether
and start learning what beat me.

Have you seen this:

In my estimation, Marcelo was nice…very nice to Eddie,
but I think Marcelo did enough to demonstrate that Eddie didn’t possess the answer
for the problems his Jiu-Jitsu posed.

Maybe there has been a change in 10PJJ since this meeting,
I hope there has been.
I hope within it there now resides an answer for Marcelo’s JJ within 10PJJ…
because if there isn’t,
I fear Eddie and 10PJJ will be just a footnote in the history of BJJ…
and that would be a buzzkill.

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