128signcropped128 is a magic number in grappling.
It’s the product of 8 x 2 x 8.
The first 8 represents the 8 positions in grappling:
-Half Guard
-North South

At any given time, most positions in grappling can be described using these terms. But to better describe both parties grappling, we have to break down the positions into aspects. That’s where the “2” comes in.

In every position, one of the players is in more of an advantageous position, or “top” position. The player in the disadvantageous position is in the “bottom” position. Offense and Defense works in lieu of those terms, as well.

To even better understand what is happening at any given time, it helps to describe our players in terms of their gross movements: which way are they going? There are 8 cardinal directions they go in:
-Circle Forward
-Circle Back

These three numbers, 8, 2, & 8, don’t describe the whole of grappling. After all, in “Bottom Guard,” how may guards are there? Open, closed, butterfly, De La Riva…just to name a few. But these numbers’ product, 128, offer a scaffolding for one to build one’s game on. In these 8 positions, 2 aspects, and 8 directions, will I be know and be able to attack and defend effectively?

128 may sound like a big number but it is the minimum number of scenarios we need to drill. Are you drilling them?