Crack the BJJ Code and
Cut Your Time to Black Belt in Half!!!

Everyone knows how to get better…
You find the best teacher you can find,
buy the “New School” DVD instructionals,
and copy the technique you’re taught.

You drill it, but…
You go to class, drill it a little bit
and try to use it…
but it doesn’t work all that great.

You may get it against some of the lower belts
but once you apply it to people your level or above,
they shut you down…

It’s not working!
And so you move on to the next set of techniques
or buy the next DVD.

What are you missing?
You get frustrated because you are doing what the best do
trying to get better technique. What if the defining feature of the best of the best
isn’t their technique? Don’t get me wrong technique is important, but…

It’s not about your technique…
There is an inherent limitation to technique.
A technique only works in certain situations…
and you have to know when to use that technique.
What do you need to know when to use a technique?
You need feel.

It’s about feel.
While the best of the best have the best technique
what really sets them apart is their feel.
They can feel when to use what technique
Once you develop feel, Jiu-Jitsu gets a whole lot easier.

You may be thinking,
“Well, sure, but they only way to get feel is mat time…is time.”
I agree, it’s a special time of mat time: Drilling.

And we’re only drilling half of what we should.
Drilling is usually about developing technique,
but when done correctly you can not only develop what to do
(technique), you can develop when to do it (feel).
To think, all this time you’ve only been given half of the equation.
Once you focus on feel as well as technique,
you’ll cut your learning curve in half…

When you Drill to Feelyou are going to get better twice as fast.


DVD002 Drill to Feel (Digitally Delivered 34 minute Video & eBook)
The Problems with the Best of the Best
Unfortunately, the best athletes don’t make the best Coaches…so why do we go to them for advice? Once we stop doing what they tell us to do and start doing what they’re actually doing…we’re going to be able to do more of what the best of the best do.

The Problems with Drilling
All the big names endorse and practice drilling…but their drilling isn’t anything like their rolling. They drill for conditioning.  They drill for positional and submission flows.  They drill for convenience.  What’s missing? Feel, Pressure and Progression. Put the Big 3 into your drilling and have what your drilled show up in rolling THE SAME DAY.

Partner Drilling
The most important person in your grappling career is not your teacher, not your competitor…but your drilling partner. Learn the two elements that you need your Uke, you drilling partner, to perform so that all your drilling time isn’t wasted.

Drilling Protocols
There is an order of operations for the development of athletic attributes…but what should you base your skill, your drilling on? Speed, Accuracy, Endurance?  Prioritize these attributes to avoid the time suck of ineffective drilling.

Drill Until
How many reps are enough when you drill? Does it change? How often should you drill to improve your game? Find out the perfect percentage of drilling specifically for you in order to maximize your improvement.

Drilling Progressions
How do you get from having to think about it to do it right…to it just happening perfectly without thinking at all? Use these three Protocols in your drilling so that your techniques can “show when you roll” without any effort on your part.

Drilling Roadmap
There are endless techniques to drill…but I don’t want you to collect techniques, I want you to connect techniques into one game, designed specifically for you.  Learn the minimum number of scenarios you need to drill.

Drilling Checklist
After you’ve watched the video, utilize this checklist that outlines the 6 Drilling Don’ts and 7 Drilling Do’s…and all your training partners are going to be wondering how you slingshotted past them.
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Many say it takes 10 years to get to black belt or 10,000 hours of practice…but it doesn’t for everyone…and it doesn’t have to for you. Even if you’re not a competitor, you can still get to that black belt twice as fast as you have been…but in order to have you’ve never had, you’re going to have to do what you’ve never done…you’re going to have to Drill to Feel.

Frankie Faires

PS (Jiu-Jitsu is simpler, far simpler, than we have been lead to believe.  But its only simpler if you learn the principles and protocols…learn them in Drill to Feel. Pick up your copy today! )
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