Against Martial Arts Bodyweight Drills

Fitness are Martial Arts are inextricably linked.
Martial Artists focus on fitness
perhaps more so than in any other sport
because their very life may depend on it.

To that end, fitness for many martial artists is extreme…
it eases a psychological burden.
If they have a fight,
they want to know that they did everything possible…
including pushing themselves to the limit
in their physical fitness.

If you look in many Martial Arts classes,
you’ll see as much fitness trained as fighting.
One of the hallmarks you’ll see is bodyweight training.

Predictably enough,
you’ll see things like pushups, situps, squats, burpees,
shuffling, running, running backwards, sprinting…
and any other number of calisthenics…
but not when I run a class.

I am a fan of specificity in training.
Beginners work on the fundamental movements
they will be drilling that day.
Veterans? Not so much.
Their focus will be focused more on drilling and rolling.

I focus on fitness for two reasons with fighters:

  • When they don’t train fighting enough
  • When they have been training fighting for a while

If a fighter can’t train enough, fitness is of the utmost importance…
but the movements trained are fundamental to fighting
and not just bodyweight drills that look “Martial.”

Beyond specific,
these are movements that test well
and address a weakness in the fighter’s game.

For a veteran,
the movements he trains will be somewhat dissimilar to fighting…
training Ranges of Motion he doesn’t use in martial arts.

In The Movement, we consider these movements trained to be non specific and contra specific to the Martial Movements.

the end result is making for a more well rounded fighter:
* more athletic
* more injury resistant

So if you a new Martial Artist wanting to be more fit,
think specifically:
work your weaknesses

If you have been a martial artist for a while,
then work your weaknesses, too…
but those weaknesses will be in movements other than martial arts.

Be well rounded…not just as a martial artist
but as a collection of movements.

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