An Impossible Game

I want a game.
A game that can beat anyone who goes against it.

Someone who might be bigger.
Someone who might be stronger.
Someone who might be faster.
Someone who might be…better.

Sounds like an impossible game, right?

I think it is something to shoot for.
Isn’t that what BJJ is all about?

So, what does this require of me?
It requires I:
Train with people bigger than me.
Train with people stronger than me.
Train with people faster than me.
Train with people better than me.

What’s left to do?
Continue developing a game that can answer all those challenges.

How am I going to do that?
In those situations where someone who is
than me…
bests me.

I’ll look to my game to see
if my technical options needs improved
or if my techniques need to be abandoned
in lieu of better techniques.

I’ll drill the problem positions.
If I do them wrong, I’ll do them slower.
If I do them right, I’ll do them faster..
all the way to game speed.

From there, I’ll work my way to advantage rolling
and when I can win by my training partner
intentionally going slower
then I’ll attempt the position again.

I’ll do this for each problem position
and if I run out of problem positions,

I’ll look for
oppponents/training partners
and I’ll start all over again.

I think that’ll keep me busy.
I recommend you try it, too.