Be Careful When Mixing the Martial Arts

Another Season of the Ultimate Fighter has begun.
I wanted to talk a little bit about the Jiu-Jitsu I saw…
in two instances, specifically.

I saw two successful triangle finishes in the first round of fights.
It drove me crazy.
Don’t get me wrong,
I love triangles.

For a very long time, my entire guard game was based around
catching people in triangles.

I know of other very good players who have that same game.

But it astonishes me that the triangle guard game works in MMA.

I love ground and pound but hate how most people practice it.

When I work with MMA fighters,
one of the first things I teach them is
wrestle when you wrestle
jits when you jits
strike when you strike

I’m all for integrating the Martial Arts
making Martial Art into Mixed Martial Arts
but there are wrong times to apply a particular Martial Art
and I think it is very ill advised to strike within the guard.

Yes, I know that everyone does it.
The best do it.
The best coaches have their fighters do it.
But how bout this?
Wait to strike until you pass guard.
Half guard is probably the best place to strike from.
See how often you get caught in a triangle then.

Think I’m wrong?
Ask Chael Sonnen.
Let’s see….
Who else has got caught in a guard sub?
How bout Fedor?
How bout my elder Machado “brother”,
Travis Lutter?

Try passing the guard first…
is it really that hard to pass an MMA guard?
Then, by all means, strike away.

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