Believing In A Chorus Of Non-Believers

iStock_000017929751SmallThe way I prescribe Martial Arts to be practiced
and the way it is taught in the dojo
probably couldn’t be more different.

So what does one do to apply the principles and practices taught here?

We need training partners, multiple training partners,
and where are our training partners?
At the Dojo.

So here is a short little post about how to do our own thing in the midst of everyone else.

If your instructor is cool with you skipping those, I recommend that.
Even if your instructor is cool with it, a lot of other the students may not be…so be warned. If you’re not going to skip warm-ups, then accentuate the parts of the warm-ups that feel good and limit the parts that don’t (i.e. shrimp to one side, etc).

Have your partner put their weight in the direction they need to in order for the technique to be applicable. Try out the technique once or twice in drilling. If it is not going to be a part of your game, spend more time learning how to defend it.

If you can do positional rolling most of the time, I would recommend that. If not, start in the position you have been drilling from. You only have to roll as much to find out what you are unsuccessful. Then go back to drilling. Come back to rolling when you think you’ve internalized your drills.

If you are focusing on drilling at least three times per week and working up to game speed in your drilling, you probably won’t need extra conditioning. If you’re not getting in three times per week of drilling, then I would add supplemental solo drilling with the fundamental movements (shrimp, bridge, technical stand-up, etc) that feel good to do.

With so much time at the dojo, you’re likely to not have too much time to allocate to strengthening. So when you can focus on doing movements you aren’t doing the Dojo that focus on fuller limb extension, flexion, and abduction as well as spinal extension.

I know it’s not easy doing your own thing especially in the Martial Arts environment, but ultimately it is what is best for you to do. I hope this post helps. Ooosss!!!