Building a Limited and Limiting Game

pver1No matter who I’m working with: a striker, a grappler or a Mixed Martial Artist, I ask them to build a game.

Games are great. They save you time from Martial Arts ADD, bouncing from technique to technique. But games can be bad, too…as they limit you…but all things do. There is no way to get around limits.

Some limits you are born with. You are limited by your body especially by limb lengths and somewhat less by its inherent mobility.

And so when you are building a game, choose your limits well.
Pick a game that fits your body.
It just won’t work otherwise.
But when you’re picking a game, remember that game has to work against other bodies, too.

Pick one that is sound. Pick one that you can implement on all the body types you will be facing. For those that are bigger than you, faster than you and for those who are better than you.

If you are grappler, be a choker, an arm locker or a leg locker but understand you can’t be all 3…at least well.

And as you develop, build your game. Make your transitions better. Make your submissions better…but never forget to be a specialist. Choose your limitations or your limitations will choose you.

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