Change in the Martial Arts

ufcd0_royce_gracie_v2_mcIn 1993, Royce Gracie changed for me
what it meant to be an effective Martial Artist.

Being from stand-up disciplines
and having never encountered Judokas or wrestlers,
I thought I knew enough…
but this new champion changed my mind for me…
and changed a lot of other people’s minds, too.
Consequently, many of us are now BJJ practitioners.

That is the wonderful thing about Martial Artists
contrasted by those from the thinking disciplines.
Once we see that something works,
overall, we stop doing what doesn’t work
and start to learn what does.

But isn’t there evidence of what works
before there is a champion for it?

Was 1993 the last time that the Martial Arts paradigm will shift?
Doubtful. Very doubtful.
What will you do whenever the next discipline emerges?

Will you need, as I did,
a champion to uproot you
from solid ground
and plant you in richer soil?

Will you listen to what coach and Martial Arts
(and otherwise) Philosopher extraordinaire,
John Danaher recommends,
and look at competition record
and lineage before you listen?
What if there really isn’t much of a lineage…
or a record?

There is a change coming in Martial Arts.
There always is.
Will you cling to the dying
or embrace the emergent?