Coach, Chael

round-5-chael-sonnen-tuf-figureChael has had his chances to win fights and win championships.
While he wasn’t close with Rashad or Jon Jones.
he has been.

It doesn’t seem like a championship is gonna happen for Chael…
at least as a competitor.
But I think it can
if he will coach.

Beyond being an incredible writer and orator
(if that’s what you want to call trash talk / psychological warfare)
The Ultimate Fighter demonstrated that Chael had quite the acumen for coaching.

Being that Psychological challenges are no stranger to Chael,
as well as his accomplishments as a wrestler and a fighter,
he is tailor made to be an outstanding coach
(which he already is as a volunteer high school wrestling coach).

I’m going to digress for a moment.
I’ve never really understood ranking…
especially upper belt ranking.

It seems many ranks are about consistency of practice…
and time.

While that is important, I wonder if it the most meritorious of criteria.

What if upper rankings were based on the accomplishments of students such as:
achieving black belt
winning national and world tournaments
producing black belts of their own

I think the biggest accomplishment anyone can achieve is taking a student further than he/she went.

It is not vicarious living.
It is evolution.
It is the position of the Master.
And if their students can do the same,
one attains the rank of GrandMaster.

And if anyone can be an MMA GrandMaster,
it is Chael Sonnen.

I think we are going to see that again when he coaches against Wanderlei
in the forthcoming THE ULTIMATE FIGHTER.
Hopefully coaching will encourage him to really embrace the title of
“Coach” Chael.

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