Coach Ronda

teamrousey2I haven’t talked about the new season of TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) yet,
so here we go.

When watching the 2nd episode of TUF,
a few things stood out to me.
There were quite a few things I didn’t like:

  • some from Miesha
  • some from Ronda
  • some from Julianna
  • some from Shayna

but I would rather write now about something I really liked from Coach Ronda.

I’m a big fan of responsibility.
There is a special relationship between a Coach and an athlete
where the athlete cedes a measure of control to the Coach.
It is the Coach’s responsibility to protect his (or her) fighter…
especially if that means protecting the fighter from his or herself.

When Ronda’s fighter, Shayna, lost, Ronda took responsibility.
How much responsibility was Ronda’s is arguable
but the fact that Ronda took complete responsibility
really resonates with me.

I don’t view anything a fighter lacks in the ring
to be due to mental weakness or a flaw of character…
and very few coaches would agree with me on that.

If a fighter lacks anything in the ring (or Octagon)
I believe it to be a failure of conditioning…
and no, I don’t mean “cardio.”

I’m speaking more of the Pavlov’s Dog version of Conditioning.
I think more Coaches would benefit from a deeper understanding of both
Classical and Operant Conditioning¬†as I find “conditioning”
to be the only thing that has ever made us
(speaking in the evolutionary sense).

If a fighter lacks something in the cage,
I think its because the coaches didn’t put it in him or her.
Ronda believed she failed.
I agree with her.
Whatever Shayna didn’t have…whether that be:

  • humility
  • killer instinct
  • focus
  • arousal

Ronda and her team didn’t put it in her
Perhaps in the limited time it was impossible to do so,
but that isn’t what Ronda believes.

I bet Ronda believes she can find way for each of her fighters to win.
And that belief that it is possible opens up Ronda’s mind to find one…
if there is one.

I can’t wait to see more of how Coach Ronda coaches
and how she helps her fighters find ways to win.

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