Condit’s Defensive Grappling

tumblr_mrhmw4K92m1rmv6ajo1_500I like watching UFCs for a lot of reasons:

  • It’s entertaining
  • It’s educational
  • It gives me something to write about

What I usually write about is grappling, especially submission grappling.
The grappling I liked most on the main card belonged to Carlos Condit.

While his takedown defense is (and likely always will be) lacking,
there were a few positions he shined in:

Bottom Guard (Guard Defense)
Carlos opened his guard…in MMA…how rare is that?
Not only did he open his guard, he went for subs,
even leg locks, in MMA…how rare is that?

And when those didn’t work, he didn’t lose position
or take that much damage. He was able to stand back up or close his guard.

I think Condit demonstrated what is the new
“minimal effective amount” of skill in an MMA guard…
and that’s not very minimal and that’s very rare.

Cage Reversal & Escape
After the first round, Condit’s wrestling (defense, mainly) got a lot better. Why?
He stopped fighting against Kampmann’s (superior) strength
and started using it against him…by going in the direction he was already going.

Submission Escape
Condit escaped the precursor to a RNC
Kampmann escaped the Ninja Choke
Kampmann escaped a RNC

Who says the ground game is dead in MMA? Condit’s certainly isn’t.

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