230749096_900_pic_2The Worm Guard…
yet another Gi only grappling innovation.
A specialization of a specialization.

Despite my lack of practice in the Gi,
I’m not a Gi hater.
It’s a specialization
and specialization is the hallmark of evolution.

Just as organisms have diverged from each other
over long periods of time and formed new species,
the Martial Arts has splintered and specialized
over and over again.

I like this recent Gi Specialization,
because it means that there will be an opportunity for No Gi specialization,
and MMA Grappling specialization.

If BJJ is a complete system
and effective as a means of self defense
and in the cage, as well,
then it must further specialize, too.

It must move beyond:
-front kick
-close the distance to clinch
inside trip
-pass guard
-take mount
-arm bar or rear naked choke

It must provide an answer
for the superior defensive wrestler
who thwarts inferior takedowns.

It must provide an answer for the striker
with better offense than the grappler has defense
so that the grappler cannot close the distance to the clinch.

Gi players, by all means,
continue to specialize using the
skirt, lapels, and belt.

But No Gi grapplers, diverge from the Gi practice.
Only without the Gi can we make Jiu-Jitsu what it once was:
the dominant Martial Art in the cage…and beyond.