Eddie & Rickson

eddie-bravo_rickson-gracie-600x330I am an Eddie Bravo fan.
I am a Rickson Gracie fan.

It was pretty cool when they got together here:

and here:

While I am fan of both, I am a follower of neither. For all their differences (and there are many), there is a similarity in their approach to BJJ. I think that similarity can be summarized as: they believe in stopping their opponent from moving. While this isn’t pervasive in their practice of BJJ, it is part of their philosophy. They are interested in keeping their opponent in a position.

Keeping an opponent in a position I believe to be a vestige from Judo and Wrestling. In sports where pins are one of the goals, keeping an opponent from moving makes a lot of sense. But how much sense does it make to focus on keeping your opponent from moving in a sport where it isn’t required and against larger opponents (especially without the Gi) may be impossible.

Martial Arts work but not because the little guy can stop the big guy from moving. I believe Martial Arts work because the little guy can learn to use the big guy’s movement against the big guy. I believe this to be the spirit, the impetus, and the effectiveness of all Martial Arts, thus “Movement” Martial Arts.