In article after article,
I’ve told you to go with the flow.

But there is one instance when going with the flow
will end the game…and not in your favor…
the submission.

The last vector of force your opponent with apply
is in the direction of hypermobility of a joint
(or compression on a strangle).

If you find yourself in this position,
you’ve already not been going with your opponent’s force
but the good news is
you can do what you’ve already been doing
fighting against it.

When your opponent is extending your elbow in an armbar,
you must get that weapon back.

If you cannot bring that limb back to the body
by flexing the elbow,
then you’ll have to bring the body to limb.
All armbar escapes, no – all escapes,
are based off of that principle.

There is always time to escape a submission
until there isn’t.
Up until the tap,
you still have options.

A submission is separating the limb (or neck or torso)
you are attacking from the rest of the body.

It is in the rest of the body where your options lie.
If you cannot move the limb to your body…
what part of your body can you move to the limb?

Where you can move is where you make your escape.