Gameplan or no Gameplan?

I am a big fan of strategy.
Because with the right strategy a lesser fighter can defeat a greater fighter.
For that reason, I am an advocate of Gameplans.

Formulating a strategy, or a gameplan
is far easier when you know your opponent
than when you don’t.

Even when you don’t, there are some general rules which I advocate.
If you are a competitor…
Have a specialty, a forte.

Yes, I know you want to be good at everything…
and you can be…
but not today.

Start where you are at.
You have strengths.
Play to your strengths.
From competition to competition,
systematically shore up your weaknesses.

As a MMA example:
If you’re a striker that means there’s a lot about wrestling and submissions you don’t know.

One way to do that is to break down the arts into defense and offense.
Let me ask you a couple questions:
As a novice wrestler and submission fighter,
are you going to be submitting and taking down your opponents?
Probably not.
The most precious of all resources is time
and you need to be better defensively than offensively
in those minors to your major.
Train it as such.

From competition to competition
add in more and more offense.

And if you like striking the best,
and happen to be one the best strikers of your peer group,
train your weaknesses
but remember
“you’re still a striker.”

Maintain your identity.
Stay true to it.
Keep improving your strength
until your strength is stronger than
all of your opponents.

Pay attention to what you didn’t do so well at in your last competition.
Don’t compete again until you’ve addressed that weakness.
Your opponents will have a gameplan to target those very things.
If you don’t strengthen your weaknesses, you will lose.
I don’t want you to learn to lose.

And don’t compete again until you have something more that your opponents haven’t seen.
Just a little something in every area of your game.
Competition is an arms race.
Come armed.
Come with a strategy.

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