Helio Lost

Helio lost.
A few times.
Sometimes badly.
So have many of his family.

We have heard of them because they won.
I practice their Martial Art because they won.
But what’s more important to me is that they lost.
I want to thank them for that.

Because I have lost, too.
In training.
In tournaments.

I’ve lost to teachers.
I’ve lost to peers.
I’ve lost to students.

It’s going to happen again.
I’m going to lose.
Probably tomorrow.

But that’s OK.
Losing is a part of BJJ.
It’s a part of Martial Arts.
It’s a part of life.
It’s the hard part of BJJ, MA and life.
It’s the part that comes before winning.
And if you’re enlightened…
it’s the part that comes after.

To some degree, if you’re going to win
you have be able to lose.
It has to be alright to lose and
you have to be able to lose well.

I like to coach people.
I like to teach people.
It’s my way of helping.

But if BJJ is a game of winning and losing,
I have to teach people how to win and lose…
and how to win and lose well.

I have to show them how I win and lose.
I have to be a winner.
But I have to be a loser, too.
Just like Helio.

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