Injury Interim

I’m injured.
I hate this.
I’m lucky though.
I’m very rarely injured.

This happened because of a number of reasons.
The most important one is probably because
I fought against my opponent’s forces
as opposed to yielding to them.
Ah, well.

And if I continue to go to class,
I’ll be fighting against the restrictions
my body is putting on me while I heal.

So what am I doing in the interim?
I’m training, not Jiu-Jitsu,
but I am training.
It doesn’t look anything like jiu-jitsu
because I’m not simulating or imitating Martial Arts Movement.
I’m training Movement I don’t do in Martial Arts…
and it will help my Martial Art.

When I come back,
I’ll ease into it.
I’ll make sure I can do all of my MA movement solo without pain
and then I’ll see if I can do all of my MA movement with a drilling partner.
Then I’ll roll easy, infrequently, for a short period
and I’ll keep increasing the frequency, intensity and, duration
of my training for as long as I can.

If you find yourself injured,
just because you have to stop Martial Arts,
doesn’t mean you have to stop moving.

My injury was a hip injury
so I had to stop training for a bit
(because all of jits is hips)
but I make it to the gym as often as I can.

There are a couple of lower body patterns which I’ve had to suspend,
but there are others I am doing that are helping my hip
and I’m making progress (perpetual, that is)
in the rest of my movement patterns.

Just because you cannot make progress in one direction,
like your Martial Arts,
doesn’t mean you can’t make progress in another.

And making progress in one direction
potentiates progress in other directions…
and other directions.

Wanna know what you can do in the Gym?