Is Any Position In BJJ Better Than Another?

flow21“Position Before Submission”

How often have you heard that phrase?
How often have you used that phrase?

It isn’t just something that is said constantly,
it is practiced just as much.

Do you have a favorite position?
When you roll, do you work like hell to get there
and work even harder to keep it?

As a white belt, I’m sure you spent plenty of time drilling
“holding” a position, after all,
if you want the submission
you have to be in position first.

Let me ask you this?
Is there any core position you cannot get a submission in?

I think if there is anything Catch Wrestling has taught us
it’s that from any (core) position,
there is always a submission
or sweep.

If there is a submission, why is there one?
Because no one can defend everything.
Going for one thing opens you another.

If there is a sweep, why is there one?
Because independent of how good our base is,
we are never perfectly in balance,
our weight never perfectly centered.

In any position, there is always the opportunity
to unbalance our opponents
finding a sweep or submission.

But this informs a different practice.
Imagine a practice to where no position is bad
so there is no resistance to going to it
or flowing through it.

Don’t try to get to THE position before submission…
Allow yourself to be in ANY position before the submission.

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