Known By Your Movement

Vitruvian_notangry_fixCompetition comes from “competere”
which is Latin for “striving together.”

When we think of combat athletes,
we often think of them in rivals


Each made each other better.

Early in my BJJ days, my favorite drilling partner
was among my toughest rolling opponents,
“Archenemy Chris.”

Much of my game was tailored around
trying to beat him or not get beat by him.
That’s a very organic way to build a game.
It’s personal.
But it’s also limiting.

It’s limiting because you only get better than that opponent.
So if you are only measuring your game by Wins and Losses,
you better have a lot of rolling partners.

I think there is another way to build a game, though.
Instead of thinking of opponent’s personally,
try thinking of them more impersonally.
Try thinking of them as collection of movements.

From any position you get beat in by your opponent,
they own a movement set better than you.
Practice those movements until they don’t.

Understand, you don’t need opponents to practice movement
or to find out which movements you lack.
If you are the more scientifically minded,
determine which anatomical ranges of motion you lack (wiki it).
If you are more of a dojo rat,
find out which solo drills you aren’t good at and practice those.

The best Martial Artists aren’t just defined by their opponents.
They are defined by their movements.
Be defined by your movement.

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