Martial Artist to Medical Artist?

I don’t often talk about traditional, apochcryphal Martial Arts.
But I think something has been lost, left out of the Martial Arts
that used to be there
that no longer remains…

And that is when the Martial Arts turn into the Medical Arts
The hurter becomes the healer.

When you think of the ancient Occidental Master,
You not only see him with weapons,
you see him with medicine.

He is the living embodiment of Yin-Yang.
As Martial Artists,
we study how to keep ourselves from getting hurt
while learning how to hurt our opponents.

We do damage.
We strike at muscles, nerves and organs,
extend and rotate joints beyond their limits.

That is our Yang.
We are missing our Yin.

We are missing how to make
muscles, nerves, organs, bones, joints…
our bodies
not just stronger, but healthier.

Not just our bodies…
but also those of our peers and our students.

The main way in which we as Martial Artists
can improve our health
is to move.

Yes, I understand you already do
alot of that in your MA training.

But I want you to move your body,
your joints, your muscles, your organs
in ways you don’t in your Martial Training.
That is your first step towards becoming a Healer.

If you need help with that first step, check out
The Masterplan.