Martial Arts Professional

martial_arts_brown_belt_tie-p151556006956633459en71g_152What is a professional?
I think we use that term fairly loosely.
He is so “Professional” as in…
he is so businesslike.

Using the word in that way is OK
and it is important
but that isn’t the first definition of the word.

Professional has most to do with a profession…
or what someone does for money.

In that respect,
almost all of us are professionals
as almost all of us do something for money.

Some of us are lucky enough to make money doing Martial Arts
and that makes us a professional.
Some of us are very businesslike.
We are cordial.
We make it on time to teach.
Our appearance is squared away
and the places we teach at are neat and orderly.
But there is another tier of “Professional” that I admire,
that I aspire to.

It is when “Professional” is used synonymously with integrity.
They are as much practitioner as they are a preacher of their practice.
They don’t just teach it
They live it.

Many of the Martial Artists I have known are some of the most grounded, humble and “oriented towards better” people I have ever known.

Not all of them made money from Martial Arts,
but they were all what I would consider
“Martial Arts Professionals.”

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