Get Better Submissions, Takedowns, Strikes, Kicks, Blocks…All Aspects of Martial Arts…By Working Out???

Practicing Martial Arts Isn’t Enough
For many of us, our time in the dojo isn’t enough. We’re always looking for that extra edge to be stronger, more conditioned, more flexible, faster…just plain better.

So We Go to the Gym
And so we supplement our Martial Practice with our Gym Practice. We scour Martial Arts fitness mags, websites, blogs, everywhere – looking for what we should be doing when we’re in the gym.  But there’s a problem…

But Exercise Doesn’t Always Work
Sometimes we find a few exercises and routines that work (at least for a little while). But all too often, as we try to get better in the gym, something bad happens: we get worse in the dojo.

And Sometimes we Get Hurt
And then worst case scenario occurs.  We get hurt in the gym and we can’t train at all.  Not in the dojo.  Not in the gym.

It Happens to the Professionals, Too
Fighter after fighter loses a paycheck because they get hurt in training…not just their Martial Arts training but their Strength and Conditioning.

But Look at How We Exercise
Crack open any fitness for fighters glossy book or magazine and you’ll see exercise from the distant past as well as the distant future. It’s Rocky IV: Rustic Rocky and Techno Drago. It even looks like it hurts (because it does).

The Gym Isn’t Supposed to Make Us Worse
The Gym is supposed to make better martial artists out of us. It can. It does. But it won’t if we continue doing what we’ve been taught to do.

What are We Doing Wrong (in the gym)???
There are too many “death touches” and secret moves left in exercise. Fitness is bloated with trends and traditions. We haven’t learned the lesson that all Martial Artists did in 1993…courtesy of the cage.

We Were Shown what Works
The Octagon changed everything. It showed all of us what really works in the Martial Arts. And so we changed. We started training what we weren’t doing.

We Put It to the Test
We learned that even though every technique works, it doesn’t mean it works for us. So we bucked tradition. Instead of shaping ourselves after Martial Arts, we started shaping our Martial Arts after us.

Now It’s Time to Do So Again
Just because an exercise, exercise routine, or exercise approach works for most people…doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. You need a tailor made, customized, personalized exercise program (duh, right?)!

But How Can You Personalize Your Exercise Program?
You need to shape exercise after your body…not shape your body after exercise. Shaping our bodies after exercise is what got us injured in the first place. But how can you know if an exercise is going to help…or hurt you?

You Can Know Instantly If Exercise Is Making You Better…or Worse
Do you need to wait until you’ve completed the newest progressive, periodized programs? No, results come much faster than 6 weeks. You react at the speed of the Nervous System…virtually instantly. That effect is positive or negative. It can be measured. It can be tested.

What Happens When You Put Your Exercise Program to the Test?
Hundreds of early adopters have already answered this question for themselves. Check out what just a few have to say.

(Frankie Faires) is someone I respect quite considerably.  It’s (his methods) really sped up my BJJ & MMA development.    People quite often remark that I don’t look like a white belt. You see those highlight reels of those people training really hard but then you see us practice and we look kinda lazy…but they can’t believe how conditioned I am.   I don’t bust my butt doing anything.  Every exercise I do is both a performance and therapy exercise.  I recover faster   The cool thing is I always know I am ahead of the game.  Frankie, thanks for all you’ve taught me.
–Darryl Lardizibal

Since I’ve started training with The MasterPlan, I’ve improved in all areas of my training including my Martial Arts. My striking has become more precise & powerful, and my grappling has become much more relaxed. I’ve been able to teach my body to move much more efficiently and effectively. The MasterPlan has changed my approach towards my training! It has helped me improve by leaps and bounds within a short amount of time. I’ve been training in Martial Arts for half of my life and been making steady progress, but The MasterPlan has taken my improvements to the next level.
–Kurt Hartman

The Result? Personal Records…Perpetual Progress!
In 2009, THE MOVEMENT unveiled a scientific breakthrough – Biofeedback Based Testing – which allows for a PR (Personal Record) each and every time you go to the gym.  That means you’ll be able to do what you’ve never done before.

Do You Understand How Different This Is?
Each time you go to the gym you’ll be doing more than before.  Either more weight than before, more reps than before or more total work than before – making you better than before.  Better in the gym.  Better in the dojo.

And It’s So Simple
Finally there’s a simple, scientific-way to choose gym exercises that improve your Martial Arts performance… every single time you workout.  Now, THE MOVEMENT is bringing these discoveries to Martial Arts, traditional and mixed alike with the release of:

The Martial Arts MasterPlan:

Strength and Conditioning for the Martial Arts
(Digitally Delivered Manual & DVD Set)

DVD 1 Table of Contents (43 mins)

    • Can you find the right training program for you in MA mags and popular MA S&C books?
    • Is there any science that backs up trendy MA fitness programs?
    • Is there a way for your training in the gym to positively transfer 100% to your training on the mat?
    • What does science have to say about loading sports movements?
    • What is posture and how does it affect your sport performance?
    • Are you shaped so much like your Martial Art that you are misshapen?
    • If MA misshapes you, what should your gym training look like?
    • Is there a way to make progress in the gym EVERY TIME, EVERY LIFT?
    • What are The Three PRs?
    • The story of how Frank the Barber got out of a 7 year stretch of pain by doing one simple exercise.
    • What are the Movement Similarities in Wrestling, Striking an BJJ?
    • What movements are missing in MAs?
    • What happens if you don’t train them in the gym?
    • How you can know instantly what exercises, tools, weights, reps, rest periods & sets to do in the gym are SPECIFICALLY for you
    • See how the protocol is applied to two of the most common exercises in the gym
    • Does the Protocol offer “Overnight Success?”

DVD 2 Table of Contents (41 mins)

  • What is conditioning?
  • Are we training to be conditioned or are we training to be tired?
  • What BJJ has to teach us about conditioning…Is making it look hard slowing down your conditioning gains?
  • How specific is conditioning?
  • Will being conditioned in one sport mean you are conditioned in another?
  • What’s the magic number of conditioning sessions?
  • What are the best “exercises” to use in conditioning?
  • Should they come from the gym or from your MA?
  • How do you know when to go faster or slower?
  • Bigger or smaller?
  • How often should you perform Mental Toughness Training?
  • See two common grappling drills put through the conditioning protocol

Get the answer to these and even more questions in this 2 DVD seminar…

Manual Table of Contents (52 pages)

  • Find out the first step to making MA your cup of tea
  • What if the key to making through the trials of training…is not to try?
  • Could your childhood heroes be shaping your adult endeavors?
  • Is the myth of the Master and the myth of the Martyr the same? Which are you following in training?
  • My last day as a Martyr…The event that made me give up on “effort.”
  • What a chiropractor taught me about the fundamental characteristic of living organisms.
  • Perpetual Progress: You’re always getting better…so what are you getting better at – better or worse?
  • What or How?: What’s more important – what you do or how you do it?
  • Training Your State or HOW to train: Training so that your movements don’t hurt you
  • Training Your Skills or WHAT to train: What is the most important attribute of all MAs?
  • How to scale your training: When to go bigger or to go smaller, When to go faster, when to go slower
  • Two Tracks: There are two paths to Mastery. One starts slower but is straighter. The other stays fast but is treacherously curved.
  • My story of my states screwing up my skills
  • Which will you sacrifice in training: your mind or your body?
  • What got in the way of my military career and could very well get in the way of your martial arts practice
  • What is your athletic performance always limited by?
  • The last concept: Transfer
  • Does everything you do affect everything else that you do? Is there a downside to MA practice? How do we combat any negative effects of MA?
  • What are two different approaches you can take to bring your body back into symmetry
  • The 3 symmetries and the 1st one we train
  • A short hand list of gym movements
  • The testing Protocol: the tests to yield a PR, every time
  • The 3 Reasons a MA should perform Strength and Conditioning
  • The fallacies of stretching…when it works and when it doesn’t
  • Supplemental Conditioning Training: Is more better or is better more?
  • Stress – is it good for you, bad for you or both? When is it appropriate to distress yourself
  • How do you implement all of this information?

…and much, much more.

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Art Becomes Science
The Cage tested the Martial Arts until all that was left was Martial Science. THE MASTERPLAN does the same thing for your workout…takes away the art of exercise design and makes it a science. And this science helps people reach their potential.

Now I’m Putting You to the Test
Wanna find out how good you can be? Then you’re going to have to do something you’ve never done before. Put your exercise program to the test. Put THE MASTERPLAN to the test. You’re going to like your results.


PS I realize how different this approach sounds, so I’m going to make a guarantee. This WILL work for you IF you will apply it. Try this for 6 weeks. Keep a detailed training log.  If after 6 weeks this isn’t working for you for any reason, submit your log to me and I’ll be in contact personally to help. If I can’t help, I’ll refund you the cost of this program. Deal?

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