Movement & Technique


I love this translation,
“When I move…techniques are born.”
But I think there is a far more textured way to look at it.

All techniques are made of movements…but not all movements.
There are movements to make and movement not to make when performing techniques.

For each technique, there is a correct way to perform it.
-Eyes go here
-Hand goes here
-Elbow goes here
-Knee goes here
-Foot goes here
-etc, etc.

These techniques are often judged by how they look.
But what is often forgotten is that while a technique can look good,
there is something else far more important
that makes it a good technique.

When performed correctly,
your techniques will move you into base (a good base of support)
or keep you in base.

Martial Art doesn’t really happen alone,
to truly practice Martial Art,
you need someone to practice with.

And no matter which branch of Martial Art you practice,
all techniques have one thing in common:
they move your opponent

Just as your techniques can you move you,
there are two ways they can move your opponent:
-into base
-out of base

An ineffective technique would move your opponent into base.
An effective technique would move your opponent off base.

Effective techniques are the movements you make that move you into base and your opponent off base.

No matter what it is: a kick, a punch, a knee, and elbow, a block, a parry, a slip, a trap, a trip, a takedown, an escape, a reversal, or a submission…Make it so that you move into base and your opponent moves out of base.  This is the basis of all effective martial art.