Off-Base the Base of Support

judo throwFor those of us without a grappling background,
takedowns can be incredibly challenging.

For those of us who are gi oriented,
we gravitate towards Judo to supplement
our BJJ.

For those of us who prefer No Gi,
our takedown sport of choice is more likely wrestling.

Dependent upon who is teaching the takedown art,
they may have a very forceful approach to the takedown.

They may advocate forcing the takedown…
going in a particular direction
no matter the direction the opponent is already going.

This approach makes boys into men
and men into bulls
but some of us don’t have the physical integrity
to withstand going against forces.
We have to be Matadors.

As a matador,
I have to go with my opponent’s force
and find it possible to do so
even when taking him down.

Going with means going with your opponent’s center of mass
whether he is applying force to you or not
and in doing so
you move his center of mass
beyond his base of support
and if you stop a part of his base of support from following
it often ends in a takedown.

But sometimes you can’t directly access the center of mass
likely because your can’t get past your opponent’s upper body guard.
It’s then when you have to take a more indirect route.
Instead of attacking more towards the center of mass,
attack the base of support.

The base of support is never equally weighted.
Attack the less weighted leg.
This often (but not always) means elevating this leg
towards the center of mass
and then taking center of mass
beyond the remaining base of support.

If there is sufficient downward force,
the ground is enough to stop your opponent
from changing his base of support.

It there isn’t enough downward pressure
apply a stop opposite the direction of travel…
and take your opponent down.
At least that’s how a biomechanics nerd does it.