renzo_gracie_legacyHave you seen the Renzo Gracie Documentary:
Renzo Gracie: Legacy?

I liked a lot about it.
One of the things I like the most
was how gracious Renzo was in defeat by Kazushi Sakuraba.

Renzo was facing Saku, the Gracie Hunter (Killer, according to some)
after the brothers Royler and Royce
had fallen prey to the Japanese Catch Wrestler.

And he, too, fell prey to the venerable man in orange.
Saku was Turtled up and Renzo had his arm underhooked
from the back in what is sometimes referred to as
a wrestler’s arm bar. Saku reached around with his arm and caught Renzo above the elbow and got Renzo in a Kimura setup.

He stood up, turned around
and in the transition back to the ground
Renzo’s arm broke…
As Saku raised his arm in victory,
Renzo held his arm in defeat.

Renzo talked of how his defeat to Saku
gave him his greatest victory.
He was able to take his body to a place
few people have taken their body…
past the broken point
and still not give up.

I can understand that in some points in life…
perhaps even in some competitions,
that is necessary skill…
but Renzo spoke as if his body
was always something he had to force into submission.

This, of course, is a familiar belief…
of conquering the body with the mind
and conquering the mind…well, with the mind…
but I would ask you consider another point of view.

I would ask you to consider that more is to be gained
from working within the body’s limits
to submitting to the body’s limits.
instead of asking it to submit to you.
Your body will eventually break,
no need to hasten it.
So work within those limits
and build a body
build a martial art
little by little
that will bend
but not break under the strain of life.

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