Return of the Dragon!

It’s happened.
I’ve been able to go back to BJJ.

I had a tendon injury
which lead to pain
when abducting, adducting, extending, flexing and internally rotating the hip…
almost every hip motion.

If you’re at all familiar with anatomical terms of motion
then you know that those motions are
very important to jiu-jitsu.

So, how did I come back?

I took the old fashioned approach.
If it hurt, I didn’t do it.
Well, that’s not all I did.
If it didn’t hurt, I did do it.

Sounds fancy, huh?
It’s not…but it’s incredibly effective.

I’ve spent a lot of time as a professional
helping my clients relieve their pain
and students teaching them how to relieve pain.

One of the most important tenets of pain relief
is to not give up any function
you don’t have to.

I couldn’t do BJJ
but I could go to the gym.

I couldn’t do all my lower body lifts
but I could do some of them.

The ones I could do,
I modified.

My body was injured,
my body was different,
so my exercise form had to be different.

And each time, I came back to the gym,
I tested to see if I could do my former lifts again.
Eventually I could.
Not as symmetrically at first.
Not through a full ROM, either.

Since I knew what movements
didn’t feel well (or test well),
each time I went to the gym
to see if I could train that motion yet.

Once I could,
I experimented to see if I could perform those motions
in the context of my BJJ drilling.
Once I could, I kept practicing until I could move up to game speed.

It felt good, it tested good to do BJJ movements,
so I came back to class.

That’s where I’m at now.
I had originally planned to do some drilling in all positions
until nothing hurt and then work may up from positional rolling
to advantage rolling to full rolling.

That wasn’t an option.
So I rolled.
I rolled somewhat handicapped.
But I rolled.

I didn’t try to use strength to complete a sweep
or out scramble my opponents.
My jiu-jitsu was pure…out of necessity.

It feels so good to be back
so that I can get back to
building my game…
as my game is unfinished.

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