scramble-logoHave you heard the term, “Scramble?”
Better yet, have you heard a definition for it?

There is a Zen saying,
“Music is the space between the notes.”

I think in much the same way,
a Scramble is the space between BJJ (or wrestling)

Whenever there is a lot of movement going on in a match
and the players are moving outside of standard positions in BJJ,
we consider them to be in a Scramble.

That isn’t exactly how I would define a scramble, though.
The kind of submission grappling that I endorse
has to do with maintaining intentional contact (focusing on contact, not pressure or how hard one contacts) with one’s opponent.

I believe each time intentional contact is lost, we are in a scramble
and we have to wrestle
instead of using our Jiu-Jitsu.

While I don’t like this phrase,
I’m going to use it:
If you’re “Scrambling,” you’re doing it wrong.

Even if you are escaping a bad position
and you’re going to win the scramble…
I still think you’re doing it wrong.

The principles I teach of go with your opponent
but stop a part of his body
are espousing that intentional contact.

No matter how unorthodox a position you may find yourself in,
the answer lies in the principles…
and not in the Scramble.

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