Should You Mix Up Your Strength & Conditioning?

Growing up, did you ever notice
how some of the best athletes
weren’t one sport athletes?

They were multisport, well-rounded, natural athletes.

Among the most athletic in MMA is Georges St. Pierre.
Check out some of his non-MMA training in this episode of UFC primetime.

He is famous for working
on different athletic disciplines
in training camps…
always mixing it up.

You may see
GSP doing any number of activities including
Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting and track

What does this have to do with MA?
Nothing really, it’s not specific

But it does help him develop as an all around athlete.

I think this helps
but not in the way most people think it does.
I hear people describe particular fighters
as explosive or athletic.
They’ll attribute success of the fighter
to his athleticism…
but I have seen athleticism
defeated by technique on a daily basis.

According to Mel Siff, all sports are
“…limited sets of movements…”
and when you only practice limited sets of movements,
your movement eventually becomes limited to those movements.

I think when people call other people athletes
they are seeing people who can move
in more directions than the non-athletes.
And I don’t know about you,
but I want to be able to move in any direction…
especially in a fight.

I think this validates GSP’s approach…
in principle.

But with time being the limiting factor in a fighter’s life,
especially an amateur fighter’s life,
there is a better way to train movements not trained in Mixed Martial Arts…
and that is what the Martial Arts Masterplan. is all about:

Moving in every direction.
This is important,
far more important than most realize…
because when you practice a limited set of movements
as every Martial Arts is
you not only lose the movements
you are not training,
you eventually lose the movements you do train, as well.

People think this is a natural by product of aging.
It’s not.
It is an unintended consequence of specialization.

So train your Martial Arts movement
but if you want longevity,
train movements that aren’t in Martial Arts, as well.

You could cross train in other sports,
but I recommend
you checking out the Martial Arts Masterplan.

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