So You Wanna Be a Professional Cage Fighter?

cagefighter-2I am not a cage fighter.
I have coached and consulted with some, though,
and I have some ideas for you.

I have noticed a lot of people cage fight with some very short term goals:
They want to win (and that’s a pretty good goal)
They want to prove they can do it (well, with enough training anyone healthy can)
They want to be known as a cage fighter (ugh)

I guess those are decent enough reasons to cage fight, especially in the amateur ranks. But if you’re going to become a Professional, I think there a few benchmarks to make in the amateur ranks…and they’re incredibly simple.

Fight at least three opponents:
One who is a better striker
One who is a better wrestler
One who is a better sub-ber

Oh, yeah.
Forgot to mention one thing.
Beat every one of them.

If you can do that,
then you are, at least, not an entirely one dimensional fighter.
You have proven that you can adapt whenever your opponent has a weapon better than your own.

Be a specialist.
Continue to be either a striker, wrestler or sub-ber,
but build more skills in each domain between fights.

Build skills that are counters to the counters of your existing skills…
because your opponent will be building counters to your existing skill set.

If you can do that, you’re well on your way to not only being a professional cage fighter
but a well-paid professional cage fighter.

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