Starting Out

SquareOneLogoI could talk about this subject extensively…
but I’m starting out here.

I talked to a rank beginner today.
She was expressing frustration as I was giving her husband feedback.
“I’m so frustrated. After hearing what you said,
now I’ll need to start back over from square one.”

I laughed.
A hearty belly laugh.
It was the most ridiculous thing I had heard.

I can’t tell you how many wrong turns I have taken on my BJJ journey.

  • Spending 2 years in the Gi
  • Spending 5 years focused on closed guard
  • Moving away from half guard

and that’s just the ones off the top of my head .

But you know, I never really had to start over.
I never had to unlearn everything.
My foundation was never really shattered.
Certain movements, certain philosophies…but not all.

So to all the NOOBS out there,
don’t worry about starting over.

You’re no longer at square one.
Yes, you’ll need to unlearn some things
but I assure you, like me,
you’ll have parts of your game in your game 5-10 years from now
that you quite likely learned on Day 1.

There is no getting around building bad habits.
So build them. Build them fast, and fix them faster.
Like composition, there is no such thing as good writing..
only good editing.

Jiu-Jitsu is an endless process of refinement.
But you’ll need to acquire the crude to refine.
So get back on that mat.
It was only square one once.

2 thoughts on “Starting Out

  1. Fortunatly I’ve never felt like I’m wasted time learning anything yet. Do you think your time in the gi was wasted? I only train no gi but some people say I would get better faster spending some time in the gi. Not sure I belive that but I don’t think it would hurt either.

    • Wasted?

      But I much rather would have spent that time doing No Gi.

      No Gi is more basic and fundamental to the Gi.
      more transferability from No Gi to Gi
      than vice versa.

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