Such Great Effort

51cqDns-dEL._SX500_I watch as many “combative” sports documentaries, as possible. Boxing, wrestling, or any martial arts doc will suffice.

Last year I watched, SUCH GREAT HEIGHTS, which profiled Jon Fitch and the entire AKA team during the time leading up to and directly after his world title fight with Georges St Pierre.

The cast was full of MMA celebrity, if not royalty, including current Heavyweight champion of the world, Cain Velasquez, and two of the self proclaimed masterminds, Dave Camarillo (no longer with AKA) and “Crazy” Bob Cook.

Jon is portrayed as not much of an athlete
having always played above his ability…
(I can appreciate the sentiment,but that is a physiological impossibility)
and winning by outworking his opponents.

That is what they attribute his wins to…
but that is what I attribute his losses to:
Hard Work

Hard Work means he is continuing to fight, to push it,
to move when he is fatigued.

Let me ask you a question:
Does your body ever stop adapting, ever stop learning?
Nope. Living systems constantly adapt. Constantly learn.

And when you’re working hard, what are you learning?
You’re learning that moving is hard..
You’re learning that technique is hard.
You’re learning to move slow
You’re learning to be tired.

Why don’t you learn that moving is easy?
That moving fast is easy?
That being in shape is easy?
What would that look like?
What would practicing for that be like?

Is it possible to stop working so hard…
to stop using such great effort?
What heights could be reached then?

Note: Since that time, Fitch has drawn once, and lost twice in his last four fights.

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