The Complete Martial Artist

SamuraiI am not a complete Martial Artist.
What is a complete Martial Artist?
To answer that question, I think requires one to ask another question:
For what purpose?

I have two purposes:
Real Life
Sports/Arts Life

In Real Life, I could improve more on my counter-ambush and gun and knife offensive and defensive skills…not to mention the prerequisite and requisite mental training necessary in order to be as prepared as is possible to execute such skills.

In my Sports/Arts Life, I could brush up on my striking…boxing defense and leg kick defense as well as my gi-less judo and greco wrestling and defense against freestyle wrestling. I need to work on my N/S choke in my submissions game as well as my open guard basics.

But here’s the thing:
I can’t work on all of those things at once.
And I can’t get better at all of those things at once.
So what do I do?

I look at it from two perspectives:
What is it I need to get best at first?
Which one will make my body function better?

When at all possible, I focus on making my body better.
Because with a healthier body, performance in sport or performance in life is all that much easier. I address the health of my body by going to the gym and using
This makes my body better.

But sometimes I will train Martial Art even when I don’t feel like it.
Why? Because there may be a time when I need to use it…
especially if I don’t feel like it.
And so I seek to find the minimal effective amount of
training under distress.
This makes my Martial Art better.

I can’t always get better at everything
but I can always get better.
Making my body better,
making my Martial Art better,
makes me not only a more of a complete Martial Artist,
but a more complete human being.