The Pressures

It is impossible to describe BJJ unless you include the idea of pressure.

Since most of BJJ is played on the ground,
you are consistently making contact with the ground and your opponent…
there are multiple pressures.

From the top position,
there is the pressure on the ground and on your opponent
that keeps you from falling over
which is also called the Base of Support…

But there are other pressures you apply.
You apply force to your opponent
in order to make space to move to your next position.

But there is one more pressure that is placed –
specifically on your opponent.
It that pressure I want to explore for the moment.

BJJ is a race,
a race to the final position,
the submission.

In order to win that race,
you want to speed yourself up,
slow your opponent down,
or hopefully, both.

Pressure is one of your weapons to do that.
As you are transitioning to where you want to go,
you want to stop your opponent from following you…
otherwise you cannot get ahead in the race.

In order to do that,
you have to place a pressure
counter to the place you are going to –
a counter-pressure, if you will.

Evaluate each position you are in
and the pressures you are placing
Make all the pressures be relevant
to where you are going
not losing your balance as you are getting there
and keeping your opponents from following you.

That is effective and efficient BJJ
and MA, in general.