Two Paths

two-pathsShow up.
Learn 3-5 techniques.
Drill them.
8-10 years later…you’re a black belt.

This is the path many of us have taken in our BJJ practice.
Many of my former students are on this path.
At least one of my former students will be a black belt this year a few more the next.
I will be so happy for each of every one of them as they achieve this milestone.
This is the path most traveled…
But there is another path.
I’ve written about this before.

It’s one that is based on developing feel and not collecting techniques.
It’s one that is more interested in accruing ability rather than time.
It’s one that is more focused on drilling than rolling.
It’s one that focuses more on training partners and less on teachers.
It’s one that values skill more than rank.
It’s one that puts fraternity at a higher premium than hierarchy.
It’s one that is puts innovation above tradition.

I’m doing my best to stay on this path,
the path less traveled.
But others are joining me.
And over time we’ll see where this path leads.

Will it get us “there” faster?
Will it get us further?
Will we enjoy the journey more?
We’ll see.

(Part of my journey is my time in the gym.
If yours is, too, check out

1 thought on “Two Paths

  1. How would you recommend one might apply these concepts during the beginning phase of training? Especially considering we are generally going to be in “normal” BJJ schools following the more traditional approach.

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