What I Wanted When I Grew Up

24352553_dd24826f3e_zFor most of my childhood I spent my summers in Waldron, Arkansas. It was a very small town compared to Beaumont, TX, but I enjoyed so much of what I got to do there:

  • Fish
  • Ride my Four-Wheeler
  • Run a Fireworks Stand
  • Reading the Encyclopedias in the Elementary Library where my Grandmother was a secretary
  • See my Grandfather conduct business
  • Work on the farm and take care of cattle
  • I was able to watch Wimbledon for the first time (my Grandfather had HBO)
  • Eat anything I wanted at my Grandparent’s Restaurant
  • Listen to old men drink coffee and bitch about Clinton (then Governor)
  • Swim (either at an aunt’s hotel and then later again at my Grandparent’s hotel)

But there were a couple of things I loved more than anything else.  Once I got old enough to be unsupervised, my Grandmother dropped me off a few afternoons of the week at my favorite place in Waldron.  It had three levels:  The top level was living space, the middle level was a Dojo, and the bottom Level was a Gym.  It wasn’t nice.  The dojo just had taped up indoor/outdoor carpet and paneling.  The Gym had rusty weights, a boxing ring, and unfinished concrete floors.  I’m not sure how nice the living quarters were but I seem to remember some awfully ugly shag carpeting (of which my Grandparents also had in their home).  I remember thinking, “When I grow up, this is what I want.”

I didn’t really get that much stronger in the gym or all that better in the Dojo, but it gave me something else…something to want…something to shoot for.  As I’m lying in bed composing this, I’m looking across at my adjustable bench, Powerblocks, KBs, and Tatami mats. I have my own home gym and home dojo now but I know that I want something a bit more public.  I’m not sure where I got sidetracked along the way and what has kept me from that goal for all these years.  I was probably listening more to what others thought I was supposed to be instead of what I knew myself to be.  No longer.  Movement Martial Arts (and The Movement) will eventually have a home beyond the digital.  I’ll let you know when it does.

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