What was JDS’ GamePlan?

IMG_9621I don’t mind seeing fighters lose but I don’t like seeing fighters fight a bad fight. Cain Velasquez is a tough champion but I think with the right strategy Junior Dos Santos could’ve won the fight. In fact, JDS could’ve adopted some of Cain’s strategy.

Here’s what I saw that I liked (perhaps that a lot of people didn’t like): When Cain got into a poor wrestling position, he backed into the cage. Whenever a fighter is facing a superior wrestler, I strongly recommend that. Why? It cuts off angles one can be taken down from. So JDS is against the cage…and this is where it went wrong.

I’m sure Cain has great control and pressure against the cage, but even if he can’t be spun, he can be taken off balance and space can be made for strikes. Cain then did what I would’ve loved JDS to do. From the dominant position on the cage, he would back up to strike. If he got in trouble, he would then re-establish dominant position against the cage…and repeat the whole process.

Where did it all go wrong? Why couldn’t the #2 Heavyweight in the world at least get his back off the cage? I think he was trying to work a particular technique.

Here are the issues with techniques. They only work in one situation.
When JDS was trying to get off the cage, he was unsuccessfully trying to implement the wrong technique. What’s the alternative? Simply go with the pressure already being placed on you.

That often takes your opponent momentarily off base. From a standing position, it generally creates enough space to escape from cage, hell, even enough for a short elbow, or punch. Techniques are fine, but we have to feel correctly in order to know when to apply them. I think if JDS new this and trained this, he would’ve been the Champ again.

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