When Should You First Compete?

I hate seeing people compete too early…
and I’ve had students do so.

These students were successfully competitive in other sports
and they often overestimate their abilities in their current sport.

And so they compete.
Unless they have wrestled before,
it generally doesn’t go to well.

They may win a match
but they most often run into some bodily limitation:
fatigue, a localized “pump,” injury
but what happens most often when they compete unsuccessfully
is they are left with a psychological limitation
and they won’t compete again for months,
if not years…
all because they started competing too soon.

Most tournaments are filled with sandbaggers
and the “beginners” division isn’t filled
with players just beginning in BJJ.

So, I think it makes sense to enter into tournaments
when one has to the chance of winning
and not just competing.
I want my athletes prepared…
forewarned being forearmed.

Defining forearmed is not really all that hard.
I just want my athletes to have a game
they are trying to impose on their competitor
and that game must include a transition
through all the positions and subpositions of jiu-jitsu…
until there is no other transition but submission.