When You Cannot Train…

There will be times you simply cannot train.
It may be because of injury, work, commitments at home, or vacation.
Just because you may not be able to formally train,
doesn’t mean you cannot make progress.
Progress can be made…both physically and mentally.

Physical Progression
Just because you may not have the 1.5 to 2.5 hrs per session to train doesn’t mean you cannot train Jiu-Jitsu. You may not be able to train all of jiu-jitsu, but you can train some of it. Jiu-Jitsu is made up of fundamental movements including shrimping, bridging, leg threading, “four corner-ing,” etc. Can you do any of those movements? Wouldn’t training these movements, especially those that feel good, help you when you go back to training? Progress can be made.

Are you still going to gym when you cannot train? Why not perform the movements that you haven’t been performing in BJJ? It could help restore Ranges of Motion. More ROM can mean a better, healthier body. Progress can be made.

Mental Progression
I’m sure there were parts of your game that were “holes” when you were training. Why not take an inventory then make use of YouTube and find tentative solutions to these problems…then mentally rehearse it. When the mind goes first, the body follows easier. Progress can be made.

So the next time you cannot train, remember you can progress. You can progress physically. You can progress mentally. When you cannot train, progress can be made.

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